Komodo Tour Packages

We are local leading for Komodo tour packages from Labuan Bajo, Lombok, and Bali. The most tour packages are designed in private service. It is absolutely you will have your times to spend during the tour.

The Komodo National Park is the NEW 7 Wonder of Nature and the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the National Park is maybe one of your holiday plans.

Tour to Komodo island can be combined with Flores island tour, Sumba tour, Lombok tour, and Bali tours. The Komodo tour packages have to book at least two weeks in advance to get a special offer.

Getting to Komodo National Park

The first thing when you decided to visit Komodo National Park is how to get to Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is the main gateway to enter the Komodo National Park. Here are the ways to get to Labuan Bajo:

  • Flight from Denpasar Airport, Bali.
  • Pelni from Benoa, Bali for about 2 days sailing.
  • Ferry from Bali or Lombok for 2 days in maximum.
  • Flight from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo Airport.

When you arrive in Labuan Bajo, you will get the pick up if you have made a booking with us. It is free as long as you book with us. But if you have no booking with us, then you can find a private transfer from the Airport to your hotel.

From Labuan Bajo, you will get on the boat to Komodo National Park. The guide will show you all the places that you have on your voucher.

If you take a day tour, then you need to stay one night in Labuan Bajo. And then you will start the tour on the next day. But if you have 3 days tour, you need to have a direct transfer from the Airport to the dock.

The Komodo tour package can arrange in advance to avoid the busy season. In the peak season, the boat to Komodo is very difficult to find. Check out also our tour to Komodo for details.

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